Kirsten Schiel
We are pleased to introduce our following artist in residence Kirsten Schiel. She is a ceramic artist based in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.
She is residing in Tallinn to continue development on a project entitled  "Vessel."  The artistic concept of the Vessel Project is an exploration of the symbolic relationship between a ceramic form as a vessel designed to hold space, and the human body as a vessel designed to hold the human experience. The creation process of each piece goes in tandem with a mental exploration of personal life experiences and how our bodies serve as a container that both allow our souls access to the human experience, but at the same time, limit them to only the human physique. The vases made in 2022 explore mental health, societal pressure on the female form, the evolving relationship between self and body, and political violence on bodily sovereignty. Kirsten is spending time in Estonia to observe the complexity of losses and gains that the displacement experienced by her Estonian Grandmother has created two generations later. The pieces created in Estonia will focus specifically on relocation, the ability or inability to reconnect, and the loss of heritage and culture, as experienced through the migration of human bodies to new places.
Evy Jokhova
We are pleased to introduce our following artist in residence, Evy Jokhova EE/UK/PT.
Currently living and working in Lisbon. Evy Jokhova is a multidisciplinary artist whose body of work includes sculpture, installation, photography, film, drawing and performance. At ARS Keraamikakeskus Evy Jokhova is working on her project 'Waiting for geological time' - a multi-media commission for KUMU Kunstimuuseum which will open in May as part of the 'Art in the Age of the Anthropocene' exhibition. 'Waiting for geological time' takes its point of departure from the architecture of burial sites, caves, tombs, and temples. The site-specific installation will consist of stone and earthenware ceramics, nettle fabric, handwoven textiles with sheep and dog yarn, fermented foods, recycled wood, acrylic and faux fur. During her residency at ARS Evy is using recycled clay to create a range of ceramic figurines from tradition motifs on embroidered towels, such as garden gnomes and pots for fermentation that will be buried containing food in the grounds of KUMU for several months before being unearthed and sampled in the installation.
Maureen Marck
We are pleased to introduce our following artist in residence, Maureen Marck from the Netherlands!

Maureen is a multidisciplinary artist working and living in Amsterdam. Her artistic practice has evolved from a basis in psychology and photography into working with other materials in the past two years. Often incorporating different disciplines, for example clay with photography or writing with ceramics. Most recent works are ceramic sculptures and installations, based on elements from our physical world, combined with a story, habit or memory. Finding a way to shape these elements often expands into reproducing manually or mechanically and a repetition, but not a repetition of the same.

Here she is working with local blue clay from Aseri, commonly used to produce bricks. Find out what she’s up to by keeping an eye on us, as Maureen will be taking over our Instagram profile for a little while!
Anne Pärtna 
East Carolina University lõpetamisest saati 2007’dal aastal olen ma keraamikuna keskendunud peamiselt puupõletatud tarbekeraamikale ja skulptuurile ja laste kasvatamise kõrvalt oma keraamikaäri loomisele ja arendamisele.
Nüüd kus mõlemad mu lapsed on saamas täiskasvanuks leian ma end vajamas aega ja ruumi eksperimenteerimiseks.
Seda vajdust on teravdanud praegune Coronaviirusest tingitud kriis, poliitilised ja sotsiaalsed rahutused siin USA’s ja muus maailmas, mu enda vananemine ja soov pöörduda tagasi kodumaale. Mul on tundeid ja ideid mis vajavad väljendamist väljaspool tarbekeraamikat. Residentuur ARSis annaks mulle ainulaadse võimaluse sellisel pöördelisel ajal mu elus tulla tagasi sinna kus kõik algas - mu kodumaale, linna kus mu keraamika haridustee alguse sai ja olla eksperimentaalses keskkonnas. See võiks olla mu esimene residentuur.
Eelistatud aeg residentuuriks võiks olla 2021 Jaanuar, kestvus üks kuu.

Anne Pärtna on lõpetanud EKA (BA, 2000) ja East Carolina University (MA 2007) keraamika erialal. Anne armastus savi vastu algas juba lasteaias, kus kunstitundi toodud ämbritäie sinisavi lõhn teda endasse haaras. Esimene kogemus Kersti Laanmaa puupõletusahjuga oli pöördeliseks punktiks. Savi ja tule kutse ongi see, mis on viinud Annet Seagrove’i, “Ameerika Keraamika Pealinna” Põhja-Carolinas, USA’s. Anne ja tema abikaasa Adam juhivad seal väikest pereettevõtet Blue Hen Pottery, Inc. ning loovad unikaalset puupõletatud tarbekeraamikat ja skulptuure. Anne ja Adam on savi, tule, kanakarjade ja mesilaste keskel kasvatanud üles ka kaks tublit, loomingulist ja hakkajat noort inimest.
Mimi McPartlan
In the midst of a rather chaotic (pandemic) year we are really pleased to introduce our very first international artist in residence: please meet MIMI McPARTLAN (US)! 
Mimi has recently graduated from Aalto University in Finland and is staying with us for two months - just until the beginning of 2021. Feel free to get in touch and arrange a visit, Mimi is a great conversationalist and has a lot of knowledge to share!
Mimi has been steadily testing out our local space whilst working away with plaster, making models and molds in preparation of various different outcomes, both here and abroad.
“I’m working on molds and objects that have multifunctional possibilities and can be read and used in different ways based on their context.”
We’ll look forward to the next stages of work and we’ll keep you posted about the processes and progress. In the meantime, keep an eye on her website at and her account here @miiiiiiiimi.