Ene Raud-Mägi
Ene Raud-Mägi is a ceramic designer who has focused her work on functional porcelain ceramics. She has a master's degree in ceramics from the Estonian Academy of Arts. In addition, she has studied ceramics at Aalto University in Finland as an exchange student. Ene works in the ceramics department of the Estonian Academy of Arts as a master of plaster works and as an instructor of ceramics and art class at the Saku Culture Center. As a member of the Estonian Association of Ceramics and Designers, Raud-Mägi has won several awards, including a special award at the Estonian Design House competition “Children's Thing 2019” and the Estonian Design House competition “Small Thing”. The most important cooperation projects are with Virgo Ceramics and Tamma Design OÜ. In recent years, the artist has been involved in the development and production of the KOSU baby ware series at the ARS Ceramics Center.
At the ARS Ceramics Center, it is possible to learn how to make a plaster model and mold under Ene's guidance. More information about the courses:
In addition to her creations, Ene has always enjoyed helping to realize the visions of other designers or clients. Besides product development, it is possible to order the production of plaster models and molds.
Mari-Ann Maask
Mari-Ann Maask is currently a 2nd year ceramics student at the Estonian Academy of Arts. She started her studio internship at the ARS Ceramics Centre in the summer of 2021, where her main focus and passion is working with a 3D clay printer, finding new technological solutions and developing her handwriting in this field. Her work is minimalist in colour and form, the experiments have focused mostly on creating different patterns, rhythms and textures.
Eliisa Ehin
Eliisa Ehin has been making ceramics for 20 years. She enjoys wheel throwing and carving various small details, as well as making new plaster moulds. She has an urge to surprise herself and others, but at the same time she is fascinated by traditional forms and the importance of functionality.
Johannatammceramics brings you functional ceramics with a little extras. Bold colors, exotic shapes or any other unexpected component are added to the Nordic design. The result is naive dishes and functional ware for everyday use. Johannatammceramics believes that everything is based on balance.
Kairit Mäeots
The designer is in her work in between art and design. This allows her to create user-friendly items with added "swing".
With clay, she is fascinated by different natural tones. She prefers not to cover the clay with glaze where possible. On dishes and jewelry, she takes advantage of the porcelain's own fluidity and colored clay body, which allows her to create authentic patterns.
The whole creation fits nicely under the pseudonym Tiriak.

Linda Viikant
Linda Viiakant is a founder of Cuulind Art, Estonian Academy of Arts graduate in design and crafts programme. Often working with clay she is inspired by the material itself and its strong connection to nature and landscapes.
“As clay comes from earth and lets itself be formed into almost anything that the maker desires, I have found my interest in researching the ways to keep the rawness of clay in my pieces. My work is focused on effortless and natural movements in the form yet at the same time maintaining a total control over the direction of the piece in composition.”
Maarja Tänav
Maarja Tänav graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts with a degree in ceramics in 2019. The artist is mainly interested in creating functional works. It provides a pleasant opportunity to be unique, but also to remain practical. Her work is inspired by nature and the richness of color it contains. Maarja Tänav has participated in joint exhibitions in the ARS gallery. Her solo exhibition "Colors of the Earth" took place in March 2022.
Rita Rebaine Lonks
Originally from Riga, Latvia, now living in Tallinn. Currently the ceramist in residence of ARS Ceramics Centre and a student of MA, the department of Ceramic Design in EKA. Recent recognition at BRUNO Award 2020, at category: Product design for a human environment.

“My works are simple, focusing more on thoughtful exploration. I like the process of creation where I can give the piece of clay unique qualities. When people approach me for ceramic lessons, I like to offer them free motion wheel throwing or modeling with clay in order to provide a stress free and relaxing experience. I believe people should enjoy the meditative quality that clay can offer while it's shaped. I also like to work with second hand ceramics and re-purpose them.

Hemmelin Malken
Freelance ceramic artist and designer. Graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts in 2009. tel: 55675026
Katri Palmik
Katri Palmik is a designer with ceramic education operating under the brand name LUIK. LUIK's work is minimalist. But there is room for material, form and texture. You just have to notice them around you. For example, the earrings in the latest collection of the VITAMIN series started with empty vitamin tablet packs. The textures formed in the tablet sockets were noticeable and the surfaces were cast in porcelain.