Clay throwing workshops

Workshop subject: Clay throwing workshops

Educator: Eliise Ehin
Age: adults
Group size: 2–3
Rate: 23 € per session
Duration: 1.5 hours
Location: ARS Ceramics Centre, Pärnu mnt 154
Hours: Saturday 10:00–11:30, 12:00–13:30

The purpose of ARS Ceramics Centre is to develop ceramics art and design and to mediate technological knowhow and expertise to professional artists and public. Workshops and courses take place all year around.

About workshop

Eliise Ehin from ARS Ceramics Centre offers basic clay sculpting courses to beginners. Getting the right feeling in this ancient clay throwing technique gives lots of delight in creating. Workshops take place on Saturdays. Workshop is available in estonian, english and spanish.

Workshop in detail

Participants learn correct methods for centering and finishing different forms. Participants learn also different glazing techniques and how to make drawings and templates, if one has a concrete concept to try out. Price includes rent for potters wheel, studio fee for firing and all materials.


Eliise Ehin has been actively involved with ceramics for more than 20 years and has been providing workshops for adults and youngsters alike. First and foremost she likes to throw clay, make semiporcelain moulds and to mould and adjust musical instruments. She is fascinated by intriguing and sculptural forms, not only comfort and functionality. She also teaches estonian language and literature in primary school.

Info and registration:
Pärnu mnt 154