Plaster workshop

Workshop subject: Plaster workshop

Educator: Ene Raud-Mägi
Age: adults
Rate: Hourly rate 45 €
Duration: 2 days
Location: ARS Ceramics Centre, Pärnu mnt 154
Date: upon agreement

The purpose of ARS Ceramics Centre is to develop ceramics art and design and to mediate technological knowhow and expertise to professional artists and public. Workshops and courses take place all year around.


Plaster master Ene Raud-Mägi from Estonian Academy of Arts ceramics department offers in ARS Ceramics Centre a workshop on basic knowhow to handle plaster. Earlier experience with handling plaster is not necessary to participate in the workshop. We will find a solution even to most challenging ideas. Workshop is divided into two stages – model throwing on plaster wheel and making a plaster mould. Stages can be ordered separately, so you can participate in only one stage.

Workshop in detail

1st day: model making on plaster wheel. The day is divided into stages:
  • Analyzing ideas and design. Making drawings (if necessary), repairing mistakes and making of a template.
  • Introducing plaster wheel (accessories and safety).
  • Rigging and plaster moulding. Making a plaster mix.
  • A short break till plaster dries. Opportunity to take a lunch in ARS cafeteria.
  • Making a plaster cylinder, marking of guidelines.
  • Throwing: 3–4 hours.
  • Model finishing techniques.
  • Making a bottom block (if necessary, part of moulding).
  • Cleaning up.

The first part may take up to 8 hours, depending on the complexity of the object. Price (€360) includes teaching, accessories, rent for throwing wheel, refreshments. The price includes up to 10 kg of plaster. If necessary, more plaster can be bought for the price of €1 for 1kg.

2nd day: The day is divided into stages:
  • Preparations for making a plaster mould.
  • Choosing a mould depends on the model.  Making a mould depends on the complexity of the object and takes 2 to 6 hours.
  • Plaster mould finishing and drying instructions. Tips for plaster casting.

If a participant has passed a course on work accessories and processes, one can use the studio to experiment.

Participants will learn during these two days the following:
●    Different plaster mixtures and usage opportunities.
●    Different accessories and materials for plaster moulding.
●    Clay and plaster model making and moulding of thereof.
●    Knowledge and knowhow for model making on plaster wheel.
●    Workshop safety regulations.

Participation requires registration through email.

About educator

Ene Raud-Mägi is a ceramics designer and focuses on porcelain crafts. She has a masters degree from Estonian Academy of Arts. Lately she has been involved in ARS Ceramics Centre developing and creating a dish series KOSU for small children.

Info and registration:
Pärnu mnt 154