Raku ceramics workshop

Workshop subject Raku ceramics workshop

Educators: Merike Hallik, Andres Allik
Age: adults
Rate: 165 €
Duration: 3 days
Location: ARS Ceramics Centre, Pärnu mnt 154
Date: upon agreement

The purpose of ARS Ceramics Centre is to develop ceramics art and design and to mediate technological knowhow and expertise to professional artists and public. Workshops and courses take place all year around.

About workshop

ARS Ceramics Centre offers a raku ceramics workshop by experienced artist Merike Hallik and kiln master Andres Allik. Raku is a Japanese ceramics firing method where objects fired on low temperature are removed with the help of tongs from burning hot kiln and will be cooled with rapidly burning material in a closed container. Done pieces are quaint and eye-catching.

Workshop in detail

Workshop is divided into three stages. First two stages take about 2 hours and in that time the following will take place:
  • Piece completion;
  • Bisque fire;
  • Glazing.

Third stage is a firing day, that takes place in the yard of ARS Ceramics Centre. This is the longest stage and takes about 5 hours.
All materials and cost of firing are included.


Merike Hallik has a ceramics MA degree from Estonian Academy of Arts. She has had many solo exhibitions and has participated in numerous domestic and international exhibitions. She gets inspiration from nature. Long-term teaching of children and adults has given her also a certificate in andragogy.

Andres Allik is a experienced kiln master who has done work both in homeland and abroad. Long-term experience in building different ceramics kilns.

Info and registration:
Pärnu mnt 154