Glaze color testing workshop

Workshop subject Glaze color testing workshop

Educator: Triin Lehismets
Age: adults
Group size: 1
Rate: 250 €, payment on site and in cash
Duration: 4–5 hours
Location: ARS Ceramics Centre, Pärnu mnt 154
Date: upon agreement

The purpose of ARS Ceramics Centre is to develop ceramics art and design and to mediate technological knowhow and expertise to professional artists and public. Workshops and courses take place all year around.

About workshop

ARS Ceramics Centre offers glaze colour testing workshop by ceramic Triin Lehismets and participants can learn to mix glazes from raw materials. Previous experience with clay and ceramics are required.
Price includes 50 bisque fire porcelain test plates, raw materials and glaze burning at 1230 C°

Workshop in detail

Workshop offers a short introduction to necessary components for making glaze. We’ll take previously chosen recipe and mix a small amount (75-100ml) of 35 different color combination glazes, which will be burned in the kiln at 1230 C°degrees. Leftover glazes can be taken with to experiment at home. Participants should choose a suitable glaze recipe for testing beforehand (before participating in workshop). Store bought glaze is not suitable. You can choose between gloss or opaque glaze, color does not matter. If you can’t find a suitable glaze, contact the educator and you’ll be able to choose a suitable one together. NB! Glazes that need special burning (ex crystal glazes) and very fluid glazes are not suitable. Bisque fire porcelain test plates are immersed into colour combinations and glaze is thus adhered. If you want to experiment with a different type of clay (for example darker clay), the participant has to prepare test plates beforehand.  
Test plate dimensions are following: 5 x 10 cm and 5 mm thick. Plates have to be placed between dry plates to avoid warps and kinks, plates have to be smooth and without texture. If you wish to make test plates out of dark clay, they have to be numbered whilst in raw state.


As of 2021 Triin Lehismets has a BA degree on ceramics from Estonian Academy of Arts; she continues her studies on practical arts and design. Triin takes interest in developing different glazes and the nuances of glazes. Lately she’s been also dabbling with clay pulps.

Info and registration:
Pärnu mnt 154