Plaster cast workshop – floral/plant motif relief from plaster

Workshop subject: Plaster cast workshop – floral/plant motif relief from plaster

Educator: Ene Raud-Mägi
Age: adults and children between 8 and 15 years
Group size: 10
Rate: 30€/adult; 20€/child
Duration: 2 hours
Location: ARS Ceramics Centre, Pärnu mnt 154
Timetable: by arrangement; workshop can be booked:
Monday 09:00–12:00 
Thursday 09:00–12:00, 16:00–19:00
Friday 16:00–19:00
Sunday 11:00–15:00

The purpose of ARS Ceramics Centre is to develop ceramics art and design and to mediate technological knowhow and expertise to professional artists and public. Workshops and courses take place all year around.

About workshop

ARS Ceramics Centre offers a workshop on floral/plant plaster relief by plaster master Ene Raud-Mägi from Estonian Academy of Arts ceramics department. Participants create during the course 1-2 smaller plates, learn about composition and different plaster mixing methods. If you enjoy doing your own projects, love nature and wish to discover something new about yourself, this workshop is for you. Earlier knowhow and skills are not necessary. All materials are included in price, but you are welcome to bring your own flowers and plants.

Workshop in detail

Workshop takes place in steps:
  •  Learning to use clay and to roll clay plates.
  • Creating a floral or plant composition onto clay.
  • Fixing floral pattern onto clay and placing it into plaster mould.
  • Casting plaster and attaching a wire hanging hook to the plate. While plaster sets, participants can enjoy a nice herbal tea.
  • Follows the most interesting part – opening casts and seeing the results.
  • Cleaning up and adding finishing touches. You can take the finished piece with you.

Materials (plaster and clay) are available for purchasing and experimenting at home. There are branches, leaves and petals from different plants to be used on creating your art. Also, the course teaches different methods and possibilities on mixing plaster. Besides finished product, participants get printed guidelines on mixing plaster.

About educator

Ene Raud-Mägi is a ceramics designer and focuses on porcelain crafts. She has a masters degree from Estonian Academy of Arts. Lately she has been involved in ARS Ceramics Centre developing and creating a dish series KOSU for small children.

Info and registration:
Pärnu mnt 154